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date: 2017-01-20 20:52
subject: The Thing Wot Should Not Be and Will Not Die
security: Public
where:home sweet hellhole
tagsfanfic, mental health, technology

AKA the other massive X-Men story I once wrote, didn't post, and thought was forever lost when geocities went poof, my external hd went sizzle-spit-blurp and my first laptop just said nope, never again.

Because today I salvaged the hard drive from Precious, put it in an external case, plugged it into my latest and there it was.

And do you know where it was? It was hidden in the hidden porn folder.

Ten years ago I didn't want anyone to know what porn I watched or that I wrote fanfic - or at least what fanfic I wrote. Now I don't care. Also, now I live alone (ish, the dog isn't going to go through the contacts on my phone or my porn folder, unless it has liver on it) so there isn't quite the drive to maintain whatever
privacy I could.

Anyway, all hail me and my triumph over technology and insecurity.

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