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date: 2017-02-11 15:36
subject: well, that's... not good
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tagspolitics, trumposaurus tyrannus

We now live with a US that, were it a book, would be the dystopian universe the protagonist either has to escape or travel back in time to fix.

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date: 2010-03-02 18:58
subject: Boosting the signal (and considering throwing up)
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tagsdumbassery, fail prize, fuck this shit, health, law, politics

Jesus fucking wept.

Miscarriage Criminal in Utah

and Iowa, not wanting to outdone by Utah:

Pregnant? Don't Fall Down the Stairs

They're pushing this kind of shit through legislatures and into law while we sit in front of the TV watching Biggest Loser, worrying that we aren't thin or healthy enough. Because if you can't shame the fatties enough by making them feel ugly, tell them it's for their health. They're dragging the country down, man.

The biggest losers aren't on TV. They're the women living in Utah and Iowa. Someone needs to make some noise. Throw a big enough hissy fit that this hits the larger new media. This is... this isn't the country I want to live in. But as it is the country I live in, I am surer than ever that never having children was the right choice. I'll probably hit menopause before they take it away from me. Birth control will be next, of course, and after that, even voluntary abstinence. It is every woman's duty to bear the children of the patriarchy, whether she wants to or not.

I skimmed a blog entry today that wondered why science fiction in the last couple decades had become so much less positive about the future. Well, I think shit like this might be it. Hard to write about things getting better when you can't escape the stench of the rot already present.

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date: 2009-08-08 15:12
subject: Making Ourselves Heard on Health Care
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sound:Thelma Houston - Don't Leave Me This Way
tagshealth, meme, politics

[info - personal] caorann  had a pretty nifty idea that I'd love to see take hold and the only way for it to do that is for many of us to take part and that requires finding out about it, so with her permission I'm copying her post here (just in case you don't want to click the link to her post, which is on both LJ and DW.)

I've got to say, I think if enough of us did this -- I'm going with the snail mail, physical object filling up the mail bags and the mail room option -- I think the news media would pick it up eventually.

[info - personal] caorann  says:
I just thought of an idea to create some push back on these crazy anti-health care reform activists. It doesn't involve making signs with swastikas, or shouting at people until you're blue in the face, or making threatening phone calls. There's no need to sink to their level. No, all it requires is some stamps, envelopes, paper and... band-aids.

Health Care Push Back )

I really like this idea. I want to make a band-aid cross on my letter and finish with a little motto. We want health care reform that's more than a Band-Aid on the problem!

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date: 2009-07-29 22:54
subject: Go, Jimmy! I wish I'd been old enough to vote for you!
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sound:Hillfolk Noir - Flag of Iron
tagspolitics, religion, society

Apparently, this isn't exactly fresh news, but I just ran across it in [info - personal] merrily's DW post and want to say Jimmy Carter continues to impress me as one of the greats.

Jimmy Carter, after six decades of faith and as a member of the Southern Baptist Convention, has left it over a matter of justice and equality.

The link below is to his statement on the matter, issued on July 15, 2009.

Losing my religion for equality

I always respected Jimmy Carter. I hope that when three decades have passed after President Obama's term(s), I'll a) still be around and b) be able to say the same about him.
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date: 2009-02-09 17:54
subject: white house press corps fail
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tagsdumbassery, politics, writing

You're asking the president what he thinks about Alex Rodriguez having taken steroids? Really?


The economy is in the shitter, we have two wars going on, and you think that some lying, overpaid baseball player drug use is the most relevant question you can ask in the new President's first press conference.


Dumbass reporter, you win today's fail prize.

For which I'm grateful, because otherwise I'd have to award it to myself, for another day of not working on the novel and other things.

I'm pretty sure if I took up a vow of voluntary mutism, I would look so much smarter and avoid getting so red in the face regularly.

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date: 2009-01-20 19:22
subject: Inauguration
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Our president can speak, can't he? In full and lucid sentences that can fire hope and ambition in the heart of even an old cynic like me. What a great day.

And now, after today, I am pausing, for a moment, to take a breath of relief. I've had an awful worry since the election that something, some fool filled with hatred, would snatch Obama away from us. The sort of thing I imagine the Secret Service live with constantly thinking about.

President Barack Hussein Obama.

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date: 2008-10-02 18:38
subject: can't take it, can't watch any more
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tagsflail, politics, spammage

Sarah Palin makes me want to first vomit, then change my name and my sex and my nationality.

For those of you in California, there's the added agony of the ads pushing Prop 8 and McClintock smearing Brown. Fuck you all with a claw hammer side ways.

Must go back to my sweet fantasy of a story where the shrink is plotting a GLBT fiendly revolution before I stroke out.

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date: 2008-08-29 14:25
subject: Headline: Republican potential VP chosen; Auburn vomits a little in her mouth
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McCain wants Sarah Palin as his Vice President. Slick move. Way to fuck over women even if you lose.

Here's the thing.

I wanted Hillary. At least a little of that was because she's a woman. But I wasn't going to vote for her vagina. With her out of the running, I'm damn grateful there's Barack Obama, because it doesn't turn my stomach to say I'm going to vote for him, because I think he too will make a good president.

From what I can learn of her, I don't want Sarah Palin in any position of power higher than McDonald's manager. I can only hope that the rest of the Hillary supporters out there aren't fooled either by this cheap manipulation. But even if we aren't, even if Obama wins by a landslide, McCain and Palin manage to screw us over - and by us I mean both women and America as a whole. Because if he loses, the next time someone wants to choose a woman as a running mate, someone's going to point out - Oh, you can't win with a female VP. Look at Palin and Ferraro.

Everyone else sees the bright side of a woman ushering in the nomination of Barack Obama, but I suspect the other side just garnered plenty of ammunition in the 'they can run, but they can't get elected' argument.

Screwed either way.

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