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date: 2016-02-04 23:21
subject: wash paint mail
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You know what really, really will slow down your DIY renovation of the kitchen? (Well, after having to replace the water heater.) Leaks in the roof. In the kitchen, in the other rooms, just lots and lots of leaks. Thanks El Nino. Really thanks, because I'd rather find out before I painted.

Anyway, it seems like the leaks have been conquered and I have progressed to painting in the kitchen.

Today was wall washing in the bedroom, though, while kitchen bits achieved complete dryness. One hour my lily white ass. Like one hour to tacky enough to fuck up.

But I came home to a really neat card in my mail. Yes, a blond skull, just what I like, and a great message from [personal profile] dine. I will never get used to getting pleasant things in the mail, my default with mail and phone calls is 'what fresh hell/disaster is this?'

And, yeah, that's about it, another day in which I did not write. Instead I played with the dog for a while after getting home. She's great for my emotional health, not so good for my shoes or my word output.
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