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date: 2016-02-10 20:23
subject: Nine Princes in Amber
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Vaguely pointless post is pointless, but I'm trying to get back in the habit.

When people knock first person narration I want to point them to Roger Zelazny's Amber Chronicles and everything written by Dick Francis (not Felix or with Felix). First person is wonderful done right and these guys did it so.

Thinking on the Amber series, I have very clear head pictures of the characters, including the narrator, Corwin (less so Merlin in the second series), and of course I realized why just now. At some point in my childhood, while trailing up and down the science fiction and fantasy aisles of Tower Books in Sacramento while Dad was three aisles away in the technical section, I picked up a little paperback called The Illustrated Roger Zelazny with art by Gray Morrow, including color versions of all nine princes. Those illustration have always and will always be the way I picture the characters.

Sometimes I do the fantasy casting exercise to stave off boredom or go to sleep (I know, you'd think those would be antithetical to each other) and it is difficult when you have a very, very clear picture of characters in your head. It's why so many movies made from favorite books make me cringe.

But it occurred to me just now that actor Tyler Hoechlin (Derek Hale on Teen Wolf) would make a fantastic Corwin of Amber.

If you've read the books, google a picture of him. You won't be sorry even if you don't agree.

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