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date: 2015-11-19 19:21
subject: Another way it sucks to be raised to act like a nice girl/woman
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Ugh. People selling stuff are the worst. Why can't I just be rude? Why do I automatically apologize and try to explain I can't do what someone wants me to do? I don't care if it's a good cause, I should be able to just tell someone no, without having to justify myself.

Today, this woman kept pushing and pushing with the sales spiel and came so very, very close to me blowing up. I mean, I was coated in plaster dust from sanding, my hands hurt, and I was in the middle of the job. One more 'what if I add blah blah would you spend five hundred bucks for some no name product?' and I was going to lose it. No, I still have to paint and redo the sub floor before putting in tile, replace the water heater, fix the hole someone punched in the ceiling (the nine foot high ceiling) and either find the money to redo the kitchen countertops or live with the hideous laminate. Do you really think I have room in my budget for your crap? But I was polite. I held firm, but I was exquisitely polite about it. Or as exquisite as you can be with yellow tinted plaster dust in your eyebrows and dust mask hanging around your neck.

If I'd just been rude in the first place, I'd probably feel guilty about that too, but also sort of satisfied. It's annoying that I'm so programmed to be a 'nice woman' that it just doesn't occur to me to be curt and uncompromising until I've wasted a half hour being polite. So I've carried my irritation through the rest of the day. And now Peggy is just being a proper pimple. It's just a damn good thing she's so adorable.

Is tonight the episode where we find out who shot Annalise in How to Get Away With Murder? I expect to be surprised. And if I forget to watch, I know I'll be even more annoyed.

Upfront, I'm telling everyone that wall texture in the hands of amateurs is the creation of the devil. (I don't like it done right and this was done wrong, so very wrong.) Pfft. I'm tired. I'm going to have to skim coat the entire kitchen. Except for the ceiling. I can only theorize that they ran out texture material before they could spray it on the ceiling too.

No Peggy report tonight (beyond the being a real pill thing), but she's just about doubled her weight since I got her. Can you imagine in kids did that? It's horrifying to contemplate.

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